The Hen House Hire a Party Hot Tub! Our Hen Party / Girlie Celebration Optional Extra

We are really pleased to announce we've teamed up with Midland Hot Tub Hire to offer you another great optional extra to add to your Hen House package! Midland Hot Tub Hire have a wealth of experience when it comes to the hot tub rental industry. We share the same work ethic - to work with care in a high quality and timely manner. So if you fancy dipping your toes into a lovely warm and bubbly hot tub when you arrive at Oddhouse Farm, why don't you a hire a Hot Tub for the duration of your stay here's what you need to do!

How to hire your Tub for your stay!

When hiring a hot tub, you have a couple of options to choose from:

Large Deluxe Round Hot Tub - 6-8 adults, solid sides with internal bench seat and light

  • Weekend hire £230* - payable direct to Midland Hot Tub

*Please note an additonal £60 Oddhouse Farm fee for the facility of the hot tub, water and electricity is payable to Oddhouse Farm on booking your party. This charge is added to your Girlie / Hen Package upon booking your stay with us. The cost of the hot tub hire is charged direct ly by Midland Hot Tub Hire.

Please Note:

The option of Hiring a Hot Tub is subject to approval by Oddhouse Farm in advance. Approval should be sought prior to placing a booking with Midland Hot Tub. This Additional Extra is also only available at certain times of year and is not an option between the months of November and March. We operate a very strict no-noise policy outside the property or loud music inside after 10pm or before 8am policy.  This is for the benefit of not only other guests, but also our wildlife and ourselves, it is their home, like it is our's after all! Please be aware that during your stay there may well be other guests visiting or staying on site, either at our gypsy caravan or wedding and events venue.


The Nitty Gritty

It may not always be possible to add the hire of a hot tub to your package, due to the size of your party, length of stay or date of your booking and Oddhouse Farm reserve the right to make this decision. The situation may arise, where you have prebooked a hot tub hire as part of your package, and the great British weather throws conditions at us that simply make it unsuitable to do so! We will try to avoid this situation as much as possible, however the weather is out of our control and sometimes this situation is simply unavoidable. We ask you to consider this when making a booking. If this is the case and we have advance warning prior to set up of the hot tub that the weather is due to be a little unreasonable! We will endeavour to contact you to notify you of the cancellation and provide you with a full refund of our £50 party tub charge. Your agreement with Midland Hot Tub Hire is exactly that and is in no way the responsibility of Oddhouse Farm. If however the hired hot tub has already been delivered and set up, which will usually happen the day before your arrival, then you will be charged in full. The hire of a hot tub must be arranged upon placing your initial package with us and prior to placing any order with Midland Hot Tub Hire. The costings shown above include Oddhouse Farm's fee for the facility of hiring a hot tub. This charge is completely separate to the hire charge by Midland Hot Tub Hire and will be included within your Package. The hire of your hot tub with Midland Hot Tub Hire is an agreement which is strictly between yourselves and them. Oddhouse Farm accepts no responsibility for this agreement. No playing of music or smoking within the hot tub or outside the site is permitted. Any loud, raucous behaviour will not be tolerated and Oddhouse Farm reserve the right to ask any guests disrespecting this to leave the site immediately and your security deposit for the party will be retained.