Farming is at the heart of Oddhouse Farm

Although a small farm, we are forever keen for agriculture to remain at the heart of Oddhouse Farm business. The farm is still very much a working farm and hence the need for continual diversification.

Set in 100 acres of stunning rolling Nottinghamshire countryside on the outskirts of Belvoir Vale and the Grantham Canal running by. Oddhouse Farm is a small farm in the world of farming and yet we are keen for it's heart in agriculture to remain.

Due to the Oddhouse Farm's small agriculture scale within the modern farming world, diversification is key to the overall success and longevity of the farm.  Agriculturally, the focus here is on cereal crops such as Spring and Winter Wheat in the main along with  Oil Seed Rape and Beans.

Like many industries the farming world is constantly shifting and moreso at present, therefore we always have to be ready to shift our focus on to new opportunities and more productive ways of doing things.

Oddhouse Farm oil seed rape
Spring and Winter Wheat
Oddhouse Farm beans